Shipping Logistics and Port Agents

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Our Ship´s Agency was founded by Mr José María Ortiz A., General Manager, in September 1984, with a great experience in Agency´s, during Las Palmas best period of Fishing Transhipments (1960-1984) as OPS Manager of an old and great Firm, called "Camilo Martinón Navarro, S.L.".

This is a Family Firm, 24 Hrs services, all year round, with our best rule "The soonest ship served, the soonest we rest". Our Development has been characterized by our family hand works to Customer´s, assisting them in all requirements, giving all kind of services.

We guarantee your ships in T/CH or Owner´s Voyage, full assistance and quick dispatch.

Our Custom´s Office at Las Palmas Airport is open 24 hrs, included Holidays, clearing goods at any time, and handling them 2 hrs, after landing.

Our branch Office in Tenerife, assisting our customer´s ships, is quite efficient with great and long experience, having Custom´s Agency at the Airport.

Telephone: (+34) 928 463 183
Fax: (+34) 928 460 469
14 Sao Paulo Str. 2nd Floor (El Sebadal)
Las Palmas de G.C. - 35008
Canary islands