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Las Palmas and Tenerife Ports are located in a very good Traffic Line, North and Southbound to, supplying ships in all necessities.

Pilot’s: It’s compulsory to all ships over 500 GT, 24 hrs daily to ex-wharf, to anchorage North or South Breakwater, and usually boarding once mile East Breakwater.

Mooring Linenmen: 24 Hrs working, services into the port, coordinating and following Pilot’s instructions.

Tugs: 4 units working 24 hrs daily, coordinated with Ship’s Master and Pilot’s, it isn’t compulsory, only Master’s decision in spite of Pilot’s recommendations, according pier condi, with sufficient space for the ship. First ship’s safety.

Bunker: Las Palmas is the 2nd Port in Spain in Bunker Supply, with several grades of Fuel Oil, Mgo Ls, Ex-pipes or by barge.

Bunker Suppliers: Several ones, Petrocan-Cepsa has 2 Barges (Spabunker XXI or XXII), Aegean – 2 Barges (Mykonos & Santorini), working 24 hrs.

Lub Oil: it can be supplied by Shell, Repsol Cepsa, Mobil Texaco – Famm – BP Castrol by Drums or by barge, pumping too, alongside ex-pipe or anchorage.

Fresh Water: 24 hrs alongside pier or by waterbarge capacity 300 CBM.

Sludges: Discharge ex-pipe or anchorage by truck or by barge respectively. Minimum 5 Tns per Hour from ship. Two Companies, according to EU regulations, being compulsory in all Spanish Ports, Master will receive Marpol Cert, depending Quantity on board, tank’s capacity and production upto next Port. Harbour’s will apply 5% Discount, as well as discharge of dirty Oil.

Garbages: Discharge ex-pipe and by barge in anchorage, for solids 24hrs daily.

Crew Changes with Visa can be obtained quickly with crew particulars and flight details.

Motorboat’s: 24 Hrs daily. The most available one is “Itara” with about LOA 20 mtrs, loading capacity about 22 Tns, stores, drums, provisions, crew, etc.

Drydocking: There are 2 well known and reliable Shipyards: large Astican with Syncrolift Platform of 9.500 MT, which can arrange upto 36.000 DWT depending on length n Weight On Meter. This Shipyard can carry out repairs afloat on Yard’s Quay.

The other Shipyard is “Repnaval” which has 2 slipsways about 110 mtrs each, using small ship’s repairs, such as Trawlers.

Divers services: several Diving Co., carrying out UWC Inner Port, between two Piers, no currents, clean water. Some Diving Co., are homologated by BV, DNV, Lloyd’s – Germanischer, etc, using hydraulic brushes of 12 HP – 60 HP, vertical sides, flat bottom, polishing propeller, etc.

Repairs: all kind, general Engine overhauled, Turbo Repairs. Also electronics for radar, radio, compass, soundings, electrical’s workshops, etc.

Airport, Spare’s Parts Clearance: 24 Hrs – Own’s Office, full contact with Custom’s to clear docs. After landing goods, 2 Hrs later, in our hands and 1 Hr on board, even in transit Off Port, 3 miles.

Agency: It’s compulsory to be used for all ship’s, being fully responsible for all services required by Owner’s and Master, before arrival to ex-wharf or anchorage. Port Authorities doesn’t know to Owners, but only to his Ship’s Agent.